As the Hajj looms…

Tomorrow, we fly from Washington DC to Medina, the second sacred city of Islam, where Prophet Muhammad is buried.  On Thanksgiving Day, I will arrive in Saudi Arabia with my mother.  It will be interesting to see how this outspoken and strong-willed lady will react to being in a country where women’s rights are curtailed.  We will have to perform the holy rites under the strict supervision of religious conservatives whose ideology is often alien to those of us raised as mainstream Muslims.  What will this journey mean for my mother and for me?  How will this voyage into the ancient land of Islam’s birth change how we see ourselves, both as Muslims and as Americans?  And if we have indeed been summoned by a mystical voice in a dream, what awaits us when we answer its call?

4 Responses to “As the Hajj looms…”

  1. Jean Charles Says:

    Dear Kamran,
    This is a beautifull idea to enligh us with your experience and allow us to share this spiritual journey.
    I wish you and your mother all the best and am looking forward to reading your writing during these next two weeks.

  2. Kurt Tuffendsam Says:

    It is good to hear you are making this journey with your mother. What a great Thanksgiving gift for both of you to experience this together. I pray God will speak to you and give you new insight during your visit. And congrats on your new books and screenplay!

    As always, God Bless,


  3. Mike Smith Says:

    I look forward to following, by way of your blog, your and your Mother’s fascinating journey to Mecca. Allison and I (and our future baby) are thrilled with all of the positive developments in your life and wish you the best in the future. I have already reserved my copy of Mother of the Believers on amazon! As I have always told you, you are bound for even greater success in the tough Hollywood industry and I can’t wait to be one of your “extras” in a feature film. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and God Bless you all, my friend.
    Mike Smith

  4. Nouman Khan Says:

    Dear brother Kamran,

    The rights of women are also curtailed in the Western countries that enjoys the highest literacy rates, and are the most advanced in science & technology, education and research. The rights of wome in these countries are curtailed as if surgery is performed under anesthesia, the industrialist has used and abused women for marketing and generating revenue. Now it is so common a practice that it has become a profitable industry and women feel proud of being a Model.

    Countries with a high standard of living, with all the provisions for decent and comfortable living available to them, yet these educated broad visioned people have the highest divorce rates and a broken family system. I can go on___

    As far as religious conservatives are concerned I hope you are refering to those whose culture overshadows the true teachings of Islam.
    Such a culture is infact contrary to the teachings and the message of Islam. People that give priority to praying five times a day, and humble themselves in Tahajjud prayers, and try to follow the Sunnah of the Holy prophet SAW at the expense of giving this world’s comfort, the magnitude and strength of their TAQWA is such that they view this world and all its materialistic gains with disregard, and consider them worthless. True gain to them is success in the life here after.

    This is that creed of people, who don’t drink, gamble or use USUARY and forsake some of the luxuries of this world. If they are called conservatives- I would like to be one!

    At the same time I agree with you that human rights are violated in the country that you are currently visiting, but in my opinion the Western countires are in that advanced phase, where violations of women rights have started to leave its mark on the face of society, the chaos, disruption and collapse of the entire family system, increased number of unwanted children etc. The feeling of emptiness in the hearts!!